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According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia No. 90-p dated December 28, 2018 based on the recommendations of the Higher Attestation Commission under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as HAC), taking into account the conclusions of the relevant expert councils of HAC, journals included in the List of peer-reviewed scientific journals, which should publish the basic scientific results required for doctoral and candidate degrees (hereinafter referred to as List), by groups of scientific specialties, are considered to be on the List of scientific specialties and their branches of science.


The journal is included in the list of reviewed scientific journals, which should publish the scientific results of dissertations for the doctor and candidate degree (included in the List of HAC) list of HAC of 28.12. 2018 (No. 1748 in the list)


The scientific journal “Scientific Notes of Orel State University” was founded in 1940. At present, the subject of the scientific journal reflects the advanced achievements of domestic and foreign scientists and researchers in the following fields and groups of scientific specialties:


07.00.02 – Domestic history (historical sciences),

07.00.03 – General history (of the corresponding period) (historical sciences),

10.01.01 – Russian literature (philological sciences),

10.01.03 – Literature of the peoples of foreign countries (with indication of specific literature) (philological sciences),

13.00.02 – Theory and methods of training and education (by areas and levels of education) (pedagogical sciences),

13.00.08 –Theory and methodology of vocational education (pedagogical sciences)


All manuscripts submitted to the editorial office are reviewed by leading specialists. The editorial has its own electronic address, abstracts of the journal are published in Russian and English. It is registered in the Federal Service for Supervision in the Field of Communications and Mass Communications, distributed by subscription and sold on contractual terms.

About the journal

  • The founder – FSBEI HE “Orel State University named after I.S. Turgenev”
  • The journal is included in the list of leading reviewed scientific journals and publications, in which the scientific results of dissertations for the doctor and candidate of sciences degree should be published.
  • Издается с 1940 года.
  • Publication periodicity: four times a year.
  •  ISSN 1998-2720
  • The certificate about the registration of mass media ПИФС 77- 65752 from 20.05.2016
  • It is possible to subscribe to the journal in the catalog “Press of Russia” (subscription index 43366).
  • The full-text electronic version is available by subscription from the site of the scientific
  • It is sold on contractual terms in the editorial office.
  • English version.


Editorial board



Deputy editor-in-chief:


  • Puzankova E.N. – Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor, Vice-rector for the organization of educational activities of Moscow State University of humanities and economics

Scientific secretary of the Editorial board:

  • Dudina E.F. – Candidate of Philology, Head of scientific effort and academic development Department

Technical Secretary of the Editorial board:

  • Khovanskaya E.A. – Candidate of  Pedagogics, Head of the Department of scientific publications support

Board members:

  • Alexandrova A.P. Candidate of Philology, Docent, Head of the Translation Agency
  • Eisenstat M.P. Doctor of History, Professor, Leading Researcher
  • Antonova M.V. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Arzakanyan M.Ts. Doctor of History, Professor, Chief Researcher
  • Arsent’yeva N.N. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Bednarskaya L.D. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Vidmarovich N.P. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Gella T.N. Doctor of History, Professor
  • Zaichenkova M.S. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Ivanov A.E. Doctor of History, Professor,  Leading Researcher
  • Izotov V.P. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Kovalev P.A. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Larionova L.G. Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor
  • L’vova S.I. Doctor of Pedagogics, Professor
  • Maimeskulova A.L. Doctor of Sciences, Extraordinary Professor
  • Minakov S.T. Doctor of History, Professor
  • Mikhal`chenko S.I. Doctor of History, Professor
  • Mikheicheva E.A. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Nikonova T.A. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Nikolaev V.A. Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor
  • Novikov S.N. Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor
  • Obraztsov P. I. Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor
  • Pasternak E.L. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Pogosyan V.A. Doctor of History, Professor
  • Ponchon T. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Retinskaya T.I. Doctor of Philology, Docent
  • Tamine M. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Ter-Minasova S.G. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Uman A.I. Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor
  • Chekova-Dimitrova I. Candidate of Philology, Docent
  • Chelysheva I.I. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Cherepanova L.V. Doctor in Pedagogics, Professor
  • Chikalova I.R. Doctor of History, Professor
  • Shemchuk J.M. Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Shi Hunshen Candidate of Philology, Professor
  • Yamaguchi R. Doctor of Philology

Contact information

Editor-in-chief: Avdeyev Fyodor Stepanovich

тел. +7(4862)431740, E-mail:

Editorial Office address

302026, Orel, 95 Komsomolskaya Str., of. 237


8(4862) 43-53-65


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