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World of transport and technological machines

The publication is devoted to a wide range of scientific problems in the field of road transport. It presents the results of the latest research in such areas as: design, operation, repair and restoration of vehicles and technological machines, organization and management of traffic, logistics and management of the transportation process, problems of education and training in the field of transport, management of the transport complex, environmental problems of motor transport, intelligent and information-navigation transport systems. The publication is of scientific and practical interest for doctoral students, applicants and graduate students, as well as students, managers and employees of transport enterprises, actively monitoring the development trends of the transport industry. The journal is the legal successor of the scientific and technical journal "Izvestiya OrelGTU. Series “Construction. Transport ”, published since 2003. In 2009, with the aim of more in-depth scientific specialization, the publication became independent and received the name "World of transport and technological machines". 
Currently, the journal is included in the List of the Higher Attestation Commission for the following scientific specialties: 
2.9.1. Transport and transport-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, organization of production in transport 
2.9.4. Management of transportation processes 
2.9.5. Operation of motor transport
2.9.8. Intelligent transport systems
2.9.9. Logistic transport systems
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About the journal
  • Founder: Orel State University 
  • "World of transport and technological machines" is in the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and editions, approved by Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) for publishing the works required for academic degrees in Russia.
  • Published since 2003.
  • Issued: four times a year.
  • ISSN 2073-7432
  • Certificate of registration in mass media PI № FS77-67027 from 30.08.2016.
  • Subscription index: 16376 in a union catalog "The Press of Russia".
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  • Full-text electronic version is available by subscription on the site of the scientific library elibrary.ru.
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Main headings
Operation, repair, restoration.
Technological machines.
Traffic safety and road transport.
Environmental issues.
Education and personnel.
Economics and Management.


Editorial board

  • Novikov A.N. - doctor of  technical science, professor 

Assistant Editor-in-chief:

  • Vasileva V.V. - candidat of technical science

Members of the editorial board:

  • Ageev E.V. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Agureev I.E. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Bazhinov A.V. - doctor of science, professor (Ukraine)
  • Baskov V.N. - doctor of  science, professor (Russia)
  • Bondarenko E.V. - doctor of  science, professor (Russia)
  • Brannolte U. - doctor of  science, professor (Germany)
  • Zhakovska L. - doctor of  science, professor (Poland)
  • Vencel E.S. - doctor of  science, professor (Ukraine)
  • Vlasov V.M. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Glagolev S.N. - doctor of  science, professor (Russia)
  • Demic M. - doctor of  science, professor (Serbia)
  • Denisov A.S. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Zhankaziev S.V. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Zyryanov V.V. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Makarova I.V. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Martyuchenko L.G. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Mitusov A.A. - doctor of  science, professor (Kazakhstan)
  • Nordin V.V. - candidat of technical science (Russia)
  • Prentkovskis O. - doctor of  science, professor (Lithuania)
  • Pribyl P. - doctor of  science, professor (Czech Republic)
  • Pushkarev A.E. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Rementsov A.N. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)
  • Sarbaev V. I. - doctor of  science, professor (Russia)
  • Sivachenko L.A. - doctor of science, professor (Belarus)
  • Yungmeyster D.A. - doctor of science, professor (Russia)

Contact information

Editor-in-chief: Novikov A.N.
Tel.: +7 906 663 88 33
E-mail: srmostu@mail.ru
Address of editorial office:
302030, Orel region, Orel, 77 Moscovskaya St.
E-mail: srmostu@mail.ru
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